Out Bound Students

This year our Rotary Club of Plymouth in conjunction with the Wayzata Rotary Club are sponsoring outbound students from Wayzata High Schools to Germany, Chile, and Denmark (YEAH!!!!!) If this is something you feel would be a great fit for you in 2017 please contact Jason Cardwell at cardwell.jason67@gmail.com. As we take applications and perform interview in the Fall of 2016, wrapping up by November 2016. Please also see the College and Career Center at Wayzata High School for more information!
New for Summer of 2017, North Star Rotary Youth Exchange is offering a two month long program only, no school, just a chance to spend one month in another country with a Host Family, then coming back to this country with one of their children in which your family would become the Host Family:-) Please go to the following for more information: http://northstaryouthexchange.com/