Speaker Date Topic
Stonebridge Capital Advisors - Patrick Kincade May 05, 2017
The National and Local Economic Review

The U.S. Economy is constantly changing and it is important to know where we stand and what is to come.  Even more let’s examine the local economy to see how all of this may affects your business. 

YMCA - Nancy and Mark May 12, 2017
Karen Johnston, Executive Director of Tasks Unlimi May 19, 2017
Providing long-term employment/housing/mental health services for people with mental illness

Karen Johnston, Executive Director: As the executive director of Tasks Unlimited, Karen Johnston brings over 25 years of experience in the mental health field. She has served as program director and director of residential services for Hecla Inc., and as director of administration for the Initiative Foundation. Prior to coming to Tasks Unlimited, Karen was deputy director and later CEO for PORT in Brainerd, MN, providing residential services and other resources for at-risk teens. Karen has been the executive director of Tasks Unlimited since 2009, overseeing a $10 million organization providing long-term employment, housing, and mental health services for people with serious and persistent mental illness.

Youth Exchange Studet Deborah!!!!!!!!!!! May 26, 2017
Her Country and Experience This Year
Dan Neitz (Welcome a recent Plymouth resident) Jun 02, 2017
Finding Clarity & Inspiration
Don Stiles - Jun 09, 2017
Friendship Exchange Trip to Argentina
TBD Jun 16, 2017
Year End Celebration - Patrick Knight YEAH! Jun 23, 2017
Fun, Joy, Gratitude, and Appreciation!