What Does the Rotary Club of Plymouth do with the Fundraiser Money?
The proceeds from the Rotary Club of Plymouth Annual Fundraiser support Youth, Education and Community Health with our Heart Safe Program. In the previous 14 years we have raised a total over $320,000;  donations have been given to many local schools and organizations that support youth and education, including scholarships for gifted students who are Plymouth residents and the former STRIVE program (a mentoring program for Wayzata High School seniors). Additionally, we are supported a program in Senegal, Africa called Project Safety Nets which supplies mosquito netting to prevent malaria. The website is: www.projectsafetynets.org/.  We are now partnering with many other local Rotary Clubs to do a major water purification and transportation project in Honduras. Many of the variety of organizations we have supported in the past with proceeds from this annual fundraiser as listed below starting with the local organizations in the first table and as you scroll down the second table outlines our international outreach.
          Local Organizations Supported by Funds from the Annual Rotary Club of Plymouth Fundraiser
           Description of Organization
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 Academic Scholarships This program is open to all Plymouth resident students no matter which high school they attend. The scholarships are open to application and screened by a committee or Plymouth Rotarians who choose recipients based upon their academic achievements and also their community service participation during their high school years. We have also set up programs such as Dollars for Scholars to get matching funds for our scholarships. coordinate                  N/A
Treehouse  TreeHouse is a faith based, non-profit organization offering hope and guidance to hurting teens, alumni, and parents during difficult times. TreeHouse is a safe place to be real about the pain in their lives that is causing them to think and act out in destructive ways. TreeHouse is a place to have fun, meet friends, discover faith, overcome pain, serve others, and be empowered to succeed. TreeHouse saves teens lives.                www.treehouseyouth.org/
 Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners
Founded in 1979, Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners (IOCP) strengthens the eight communities it serves (including Plymouth) by helping the more than 1,500 families and individuals served annually, with housing, child care, transportation, employment, and community connections. When families have choices in these areas-housing they can afford, a better job, quality child care, a car to get to work, a feeling of belonging-they are able to move forward in building a better life. IOCP also engages more than 600 volunteers-from children to CEOs-in structured opportunities. They operate our food shelf, staff our reception desk, arrange rides to essential appointments, host community dinners, mentor students, sleep out to raise awareness and funds for affordable housing, promote our car donation program, and coordinate the collection and distribution of school supplies and holiday gifts.
PRISM  PRISM (People Responding In Social Ministry) is a social service agency that helps local families during times of financial hardship. For over 40 years, the volunteers and staff at PRISM have worked with families; counseling, educating and stabilizing basic needs to empower them to take an active role in their own solutions.  prismmpls.org/
 Shop With A Cop  The Plymouth Police Department raises funds each year to take kids holiday shopping. These kids and their parents don't have the financial resourses to buy presents. The most heartwarming thing that happens during the shopping experience is that the kids buy presents for their family members, not for themselves. We are proud to donate money for this annual endeavor.
Music Association of Minnetonka (MAM) The mission of MAM is to provide musical opportunities that expand the performer’s creative, artistic and recreational goals, and enrich the lives of audiences in the greater metropolitan area. The Rotary Club of Plymouth has supported the youth choirs of MAM by donating money for youth scholarships to support talented kids who couldn't otherwise afford to participate. www.musicassociation.org/
Ridgedale YMCA  
The specific program at the Ridgedale YMCA that was funded buy the Rotary Club of Plymouth involved Minnesota YMCA Youth in Government (YIG). This is a youth-led, experiential learning opportunity that involves 1,600 middle-school and high school students each year. It is a nation-wide program, active in nearly 40 states. Through YIG participants have the opportunity to join youth leaders from around the state to debate important issues, listen to delegates with different experiences, research public issues and become aware of local, state, national and international concerns, accept civic responsibilities and take a leadership role, and let their voice be heard and get involved in the decision-making process!
 Rotary Foreign Exchange Students  Since the chartering of the Rotary Club of Plymouth in 1978  we have been heavily involved in bring students from around the world to Plymouth and Wayzata High School. In 2013, in partnership with Wayzata Rotary,  we hosting two  students. We have a girl named Anita from Paraguay and a boy named Felipe from Brazil. We find host families in the school district to house these students. We also have an outbound student from Wayzata High School, named Hannah, going to  for the upcoming school year. We give these students a monthly stipend to help with expenses.                  northstaryouthexchange.com/
  International Organizations Supported by Rotary Club of Plymouth Fundraiser
     Organization            Description of Organization      Link to Website
Senegal Mosquito Nets The Rotary Club of Plymouth, through the efforts of Rotarian Ann Dillard, spearheaded a project in Senegal, West Africa that provided over 18,000 mosquito bed nets for the prevention of malaria. We also built a 20 bed maturnity ward, suppled books and educational supplies to a local school nad did a clean-up program reduce the breeding of mosquitos.. Every 30 seconds a child dies from malaria in Africa. With the investment by our Rotary Club and many other participating Rotary Clubs in the area and matching funds from Rotary District 5950 and  Rotary International. We literally saved many children who would have died needlessly from malaria. Supplying treated mosquito netting is the most effective prevention of malaria. We continue to monitor this area and Ann visits annually. www.projectsafetynets.org
 Haiti Safe Water Our Rotary Club has been involved in a safe water program in Haiti. Since 1993, Rotary District 5950 (MN) has been saving lives of the children inHaiti, one of the poorest countries in the world. Local Rotarians have given over $2,000,000 to the project titled Haiti Safe-Water. By providing safe drinking water and clean latrines the infant mortality for children under 5-years of age has been reduced by over 50%down from an amazing 23% just a few years ago.    www.safewaterplus.org
 Safewater Honduras Project  
SafeWater Honduras will bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene education to 16 communities and 51 schools in the western part of the country.  Honduras is one of the poorest countries in the world, and half of the population in the targeted area does not have access to safe water.  The project is being led by Steve Solbrack and the St. Louis Park Rotary Club with funding provided by Rotary District 5950, the  Rotary Foundation and World Vision.  The total cost of the project is $800K, with $400K coming from Rotary and a $400K match from World Vision.  So far twenty-three District 5950 Clubs have provided $68K of funds toward the project.