Thank you for donating to The Plymouth Rotary Club....a total of $22,500-plus was raised!  
Over the last 20 years we have raised nearly $725,000 and given 100% of our profits to organizations, mostly supporting youth and education and Community Health (with our Heart Safe Program offering free training to citizens in “hands only” CPR and use of AED’s We have trained over 6500 area citizens in these lifesaving skills so far and have confirmation that our efforts have saved at least two lives. We have also donated AED’s to several community locations.
In 2020, focus was placed on food shelves at Interfaith Outreach, PRISM and Second Harvest Heartland and the Food Group as residents struggled more than ever to feed their families with rampant unemployment. We also focused on our local long-term care facilities by supplying, programing and training to use technology to many of these long term care facilities so they could do Facetime or ZOOM meetings with family members who weren’t allowed to visit in person. We also provided a weekly “touch” consisting of individually wrapped snacks, candy, arts and crafts supplies, etc., items designed to boost the spirits of both residents and staff when we were all so isolated.
With this year’s profits we will continue to give scholarships to areas students, fund grant requests to organizations focused on kids and education and continue to support the Heart Safe CPR training.