This Week's Program:  

Speakers this week

Jason Cardwell
Matrix (Plymouth Business)


You can find future speakers later in the bulletin (and on the Club website).  Please use this list to invite prospective members.


Membership Mentoring:

New Relationship Building Effort!
At the Sept. 5 meeting Steve Beachler presented a new idea to strengthen the club by building deeper relationships among members.  The club agreed to pilot an effort encouraging each member to connect with one other randomly assigned member every two months starting in September.  We have paired newer members with longer standing members.  The idea is to meet for coffee (or lunch, happy hour…whatever!) to get to know each other better.  There is no script or predetermined talking points, though we hope that Rotary will be a part of your conversation.  Pairings for the year can be found on the Members Only part of the Plymouth Rotary website.  Please contact your first person by phone/email or at the next Rotary meeting to find a time to get together.  A complete members list with contact information can also be found on the website.  The spreadsheet can be found in the member section of the under View Member Documents titled "One-on-One Member Meetings."  If you need assistance or more information please contact Steve Beachler.

Thanks for your active participation in this new effort.  Our club will be stronger because of you!


Managing Membership Leads:

You have a new membership lead! The following person expressed interest in Rotary, and district leaders screened the information and assigned the lead to your club:
Laurie Meyer; Minneapolis, MN, United States
First, find contact information and learn more about this candidate.
Next, talk with other club leaders to decide who will contact and update the status of this lead. That person should follow these steps:
  1. Contact the candidate. Ask about the prospect’s interests and availability. For tips, see Creating a Positive Experience for Prospective Members.
  2. Invite the candidate to a club meeting, social event, or service project and get to know them better. Answer any questions they have.
  3. Update the candidate’s status. Indicate the actions taken (follow the steps in How to Manage Membership Leads).
If the candidate is a good fit, add the new member to your club record by updating their status on the Manage Membership Leads page to “Club admitted candidate.”
All candidates have Rotary ID numbers, whether they are prospects, referrals, or relocating members. Admitting them this way ensures that these numbers are used. That makes your job easier because they carry over the candidates’ information to your club records and ensure that club and district pages and reports accurately record and track your membership development progress.
If your club decides that the person is not a good fit, talk with them and update the status to “Club sent candidate back to district for reassignment” on the Manage Membership Leads page.
Thank you for connecting with your membership leads to strengthen Rotary.
Board Activity:
At the October 10th Board meeting the Board had a discussion on cost incurred by the club for our Thursday meetings at Crown Plaza.  After a healthy discussion, the Board determined that the best plan moving forward is to increase lunches from $15 to $18 and to increase quarterly dues by $15.  The recent statement that you received earlier this month reflects this change.  This increase was also discussed at the regular meeting on the 10th and although no one likes increased costs and fee, the members at the meeting agreed that the increase was necessary to cover costs.  Please ask a board member if you have questions.
Board Minutes can be found on the Club Website in the members area (upper right corner of the website).  If you can't remember your member login and password please reach out to Dwain or Steve J. 
Heart Safe Plymouth:

We have trained 6,144 people and counting!

Russ, Norm, Don and team continue to train and impact the local community. 
Linked to this is a story about Hands Only CPR performed by a daughter to her mom recently in MPLS.  Also note, dispatch assisted w telephone cpr...very cool!  
Upcoming Speakers:
Dec. 12 – Judge David Minge
Dec 19 - Jim Nelson, Honduras Project
Dec 26 - No Meeting (Happy Holidays)
The Board continues to seek speakers.  Please contact James and/or Peter if you have a recommendation.
From the District (or other Clubs): 
November newsletter from the District Governor (Link)
Women of Song:
Dear Peter,
My name is Mary Kay Knapp, and I am the director of our area women’s choir, Women of Song.  I’d like to take this opportunity to invite the Rotary Club members to our upcoming Christmas concerts, and offer our services if you ever need a group to perform for a Rotary Club event. 
Let your hearts and ears rejoice as Women of Song performs a nostalgic blend of classic carols and sounds of the season.  "What Sweeter Music" is a concert of wonder and joy for the whole family. (Click here for additional information)
Networking Rotarian:
Announcing our first South Metro Networking event on December 17th from 4:30pm to 6:30pm at Red Lion Liquors in Burnsville. Please distribute to your club members. Designed for Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike, this will be an wonderful opportunity to meet other professionals in a festive and fun event. Space is limited so please register at
Orono Sew-A-Thon Service Project:
Orono Rotary is planning to host a sew-a-thon for Days For Girls on Sunday Afternoon, February 9, 2020.  If any clubs in the area would like to participate in that event, you are welcome to join us. Let me know and I'll connect with you on event details.  Please let Peter or James know if you are interested in this service project.
Can-Do-Canines Gala:
Over the years we have given grants to Can-Do-Canines.  They currently are planning for a gala celebration on February 8, 2020. If you are interested, please click here.
Rotary Leader:
Clicking on this will bring yo to the link - Five Ways our Fight Against Polio Fights Other Diseases
Foundation Giving:

Did you know that in November Rotarians around the world celebrate the great work of The Rotary Foundation? Foundation Month is a great time to highlight projects that your club is doing with The Rotary Foundation, or, to educate members on how the Foundation works.

I hope you use the resources below to celebrate and showcase the different ways you and your clubs are doing good in the world this November. As always, thank you for all that you do for Rotary and for your support of our Foundation.

Message from Past District Governor Jim Nelson On Rotary International Foundaton:

Please find attached the letter from Past District Governor Jim Nelson (click HERE).


Message from Tim Mulcrone, District 5950 Polio Chair:

Dear James Williams,
This my eighth year as your Rotary District 5950 Polio Chair.  I am speaking at five Clubs this month and am always willing to provide whatever you need to further our Polio Eradication efforts.  World Polio Day is this week so I've put together this email especially for you. It's time to celebrate and refocus!
Polio by the Numbers:
As of October 16, 2019, there were 88 new cases of polio in the world.  These were in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  They represent a bump in the road over 2018’s total of 33 cases.  Much of the increase, I attribute to Taliban curtailed immunizations in Pakistan.
World Polio Day this Thursday!
World Polio Day is October 24th.  I hope that you have something going on in your Club to raise awareness of our number one effort in the world.  On World Polio Day, the Global Commission for the Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication (GCC) is expected to declare poliovirus type 3 (WPV3) as globally eradicated (yes, there are three strains).  If you do not have plans yet, it is not too late to attend or host a Watch Party for the broadcast of the 2019 World Polio Day! here.  World Polio Day (EPD) and End Polio Now (EPN) viewing events are innovative and creative to attract a wide audience.  The 2019 World Polio Day will highlight the stories, heroes, impact, and strengthened public health infrastructure throughout the world. 
Some of our Zone's World Polio Day (WPD) Events include:
- Several musical festivals on or around WPD
- Music and talent shows in communities and several that engage high school students
- 'Recitals with a Cause'
- Painting purple pinkies at events with EPN information
- Wine tasting and dinners
- Beer tasting and fundraisers - 'Pints for Polio'
- Several evening fundraisers while viewing WPD Video
- Sporting events with portion of admission going to PolioPlus
- Restaurants donating a percent of the food ordered going to
- Combining UN and Rotary educational programs with EPN
- End Polio Now Proclamations - city and regions
Raise Awareness Through Social Media
Rotary provides a wealth of public image information and resources for you to utilize in sharing Rotary.   Take a few minutes and have your own photo with a People of Action message.  Just go into the Rotary Brand Center for Materials, and then click on Create Your Own.   Easy to create your own image, not only for polio, but also for other Rotary messaging!
District to Match your Club's Contribution?
This year, our District 5950 is taking advantage of Rotary International’s dollar for dollar matching of DDF.  Whatever your Club donates to polio this year (end Jun 30, 2019) that is over your donation last year, will be matched up to $2000 in unused District Designated Funds (up to $30K aggregate for all Clubs).  The DDF amount will then be matched 1:1 by Rotary International.  Then, Bill and Melinda Gates will match the entire amount 2:1!  That’s huge leverage on your dollar!
There are several resources readily available on the Rotary web site and also on the End Polio web site   Resources include registering your event; hosting viewing party ideas; information on polio along with infographics; press releases; etc.
Would you go on a Polio National Immunization Day?
Have you ever thought about going to another country and participating in a National Immunization Day (NID)?  RRFC Pat has been at NID Days in India and Nigeria and it is a tremendous experience.  I happened to be in India working on a Rotary project at a hospital and joined in with the multi-day events.  In Nigeria, I joined our last Group Study Exchange (GSE) team during a time when there were attacks on polio health workers.   
For anyone that has gone on a Polio NID, they will tell you it is a remarkable event to see a whole country or community focused on polio immunizations!
You now have a chance to go on a very well organized Polio NID!   The Government of India is planning to hold a polio National Immunization Day (NID) January 19, 2020.  Howard Tours will be organizing a group program to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh to participate in the NID and house-to-house activities.  This will be the 32nd such trip they have organized to take North American Rotarians to participate in a polio NID.
Along with participation in the polio immunization activities, you will meet with the World Health Organization and local Rotary clubs in Delhi and Jaipur.  Howard Tours will also take a couple of days to travel to Agra to see the Taj Mahal and Jaipur to see the Pink City.
Tentatively, the group will depart on Friday, 10 January from North America and return on January 21, 2020.  
Howard Tours is owned and managed by Rotarian Brad Howard, a past RI Board Member that is committed to ending polio.  While final details are pending,  if you would like more information, please contact Jolene R.Bortz, Manager, Howard Tours by e-mail at or by phone at (510) 834-2260.  These trips typically sell out within two weeks after the registration material is available.
Yours In Rotary Service,
Tim Mulcrone
District 5950 Polio Chair
General Information:  

Quarterly Invoices:  Please pay quarterly invoices promptly.  The Board continues to work with members that have outstanding balances.

Amazon Purchases:  Please remember to select RCOP Foundation when you make  on-line purchases at Amazon.Smile.   The Rotary Club of Plymouth Foundation is registered with Amazon and may be chosen when you make purchases through Amazon.Smile. Amazon will donate .05% of your total purchase to RCOP Foundation.  The AmazonSmile web site provides all the same products as the regular site, but in addition allows you to designate a charity which Amazon will support. Please tell your friends and associates who shop through Amazon Smile!  The contribution comes out of Amazon's pocket - not yours!  Click here to get started:  You Shop/ Amazon Gives!



Rotary Core Values:  Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service, Leadership


The 4-Way Test:  Of the things we think, say or do:

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned.


Thank you to everyone that participates in the meetings. 




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