Billing Election Options



Policies regarding club dues and meal costs became effective beginning January 1, 2015, in accordance with changes approved by the Board of Directors.  It is a responsibility of each Rotarian to be fiscally prudent and to settle invoices promptly.  Delinquencies will not be tolerated.


The Board of Directors requests your written election as to which payment plan you prefer.  Please make your selection from the plan descriptions below and return  the signed document to the Club Treasurer, Sergeant-at-Arms, or your sponsor if you are making application for membership.  Changes to this election will be in effect until  you make a written request for change, which will be effective beginning for the next quarterly invoice.




    Meal costs will be billed in advance for scheduled Club meeting each quarter. Make-up meetings at other Rotary Clubs, with make-up certificates obtained from the host club and turned into the Plymouth Rotary Club Secretary, will be granted on the following quarterly invoice as a meal credit and an attendance credit. Club dues of $50 per quarter will also be included on each invoice, along with any guest charges you incur.


_______I elect the Quarterly Billing plan





    Member will pay cash or check to the Sergeant-at-Arms at each regularly scheduled meeting, including any guests the member might invite to attend.   The Treasurer will also send an invoice for quarterly dues ($50) and a meal surcharge ($25) for a total of $75 per quarter. Members who elect not to eat will also receive this quarterly invoice.


________  I elect the PAYG Plan



I understand my financial responsibility to the Plymouth Rotary Club is to promptly pay my quarterly invoices within 30 days of the invoice date, whether I select the Quarterly Bill in Advance Plan or the PAYG Plan.


Corporate Plan members or other members who expect their business to cover their Rotary expenses are encouraged to pay the invoice out of their pocket and turn in an expense report for reimbursement.



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