Join Plymouth Rotary Club

The Plymouth Rotary Club is a diverse group of Women and Men.  Each member is assigned a "classification," an integral part of the structure of each Rotary Club.  A member's classification is assigned based on their vocation (or status, in the case of retirees).  The classification system is designed to help ensure that each Club will be vocationally diverse, reflecting the makeup of the general business community in which the Club operates. Contact any of our members for information. Click here to watch our Rotary Club video (or below).


Current Board, 2021-2022:

  • Co-President - Glen Norton
  • Co-President - John Schoonover
  • Co-Treasurer - James Bird
  • Co-Treasurer - Dwain Erickson
  • Secretary - Jill Kohler
  • Club Foundation Chair - Henry Wang