Official Rules and Regulations of the Rotary Club of Plymouth Annual Fundraiser



Score Points for Kids, Education & Community Health


1. A complete list of rules and regulations for this race, or a list of prizes and winners can be obtained from the Rotary Club of Plymouth, hereinafter known as the "Presenter", by sending a written request along with a self addressed stamped envelope to: Rotary Club of Plymouth, P.O. Box 46453, Plymouth, MN 55446.

2. This event is subject to all federal, state and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law.

3. Entrants must be 18 years or older and must prove eligibility if they become prize winners.

4. No purchase is necessary to enter to win. However, a donation of $10 per ball is requested. MN License #X92451-15-002. Proceeds from the event will be benefit many local and national charities.

5. The entry portion of the entry form must be completely filled out and delivered to Presenter or an authorized representative of Presenter or mailed to Presenter at the address set forth in paragraph one (1) above and actually received by Presenter prior to the ball roll event for an entrant to be eligible to win any prize.

6. Members of the Rotary Club of Plymouth or their household family members are not eligible to win.

7. The balls picked out of a bin behind the City Hall and Lifetime Fitness Center at the Hilde Performance Center in Plymouth, Minnesota, at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2015. The basketball prize picking procedure will be established by Presenter and will take approximately 20-30 minutes.

8. A number will be attached to each ball corresponding to the number on the adoption paper. The person whose name appears on an adoption paper corresponding to the winning ball in order to finish will be awarded a prize.

9. Top winners will be announced at after completion of the race and tabulation of the results. Other winners will be notified either in person or by U.S. Mail or telephone. Winners need not be present to win. If any winner does not claim his or her prize from Presenter within 30 days after the event date, Presenter will select a winner through random drawing of entry tickets. All prizes will be awarded.

10. The actual event procedure works as follows. The first 10 prizes will be determined by the first 10 "live balls" that are picked. A "live ball" is one that has been rented by a contest participant and has a number on the bottom of the ball that corresponds with a number on the randomized spread sheet. We will keep removing balls from the bin until the first 10 winners are determined. The remaining winners of over 50 prizes can be picked, at random, and placed into a "prize winner basket" from which winners are picked until all of the prize winners are determined. The prizes are grouped by value and awarded in order as balls are picked from the "prize winner basket."

11. Entrants and other participants hereby release the Presenter, its sponsors, supporters, employees, volunteers and the various organizations involved in the presentation and completion of the race from liability with respect to the prizes. Presenter reserves the right to substitute prizes of comparable value. Any tax or similar fee, including but not limited to a license or registration fee on any vehicle, is the sole responsibility of the winner. Travel restrictions may apply on airline tickets.

12. By entering, winners consent to the promotional use of their names and likenesses without additional compensation. Chances of winning depend on the total number of qualified entrants.

13. All decisions and interpretations of rules and regulations will be made by the Presenter and its judgment is final. The Race Committee reserves the right to postpone or re-schedule the race because of inclement weather, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Committee.

14. All balls entered will be provided by the Presenter and shall remain the property of the Presenter. Once the balls are poured into the bin, they are on their own. No attempt to free or interfere with any ball is permitted, unless deemed necessary by the Presenter.