The Rotary Club of Plymouth welcomes one North Star Youth

Exchange student - a boy from Argentina in August, 2017.

The Rotary Club of Plymouth is seeking host families willing to open

up their hearts and homes to this student. Hosting is shared between three

families for 3-4 months each. It's a short period of time, but can result in long-term

friendships and an expanded meaning of "family." Host responsibilities include

providing food, shelter, guidance and acceptance to a teenager. The Rotary Club of Plymouth                                                           

will pay for school lunches and provide a high level of local

support to the student and host families. The male student attends Wayzata High

School, so families should live in the bussing area or be willing to transport her to school. It is

mandatory that the Host Family live in the Wayzata School District.

The most important host family trait is a sincere desire to host. Single parents, young

families, empty-nesters, same-sex couples, retirees and childless families can all

provide a GREAT host experience, and receive much in return. For more

information, contact Jason Cardwell ( and/or Steve

Hance ( Also visit the North Star Rotary Youth Exchange site for more information (

Opportunities to become an Outbound Exchange Student will be made available at Wayzata High

School in the fall. Check-out our website to learn more about this amazing experience: